Seagate Central 4TB – Missing Data Recovery

Sebastian Pohl - 12. Mai 2016

I am writing this from inside a ubuntu live system and I am currently watching a very slow rsync process that recovers the „lost“ data from the Seagate Central NAS harddisk of a friend.

The NAS suddenly stopped showing the files and said friend freaked out because he thought he had lost all his data. But experience shows, often times it is not a broken harddisk but something else. (mehr …)

Version Control in Unity3D with Perforce

Sebastian Pohl -


We have been using Unity for a long time now and we have always been struggling with any type of version control / centralized storage for our projects. We tried different solutions like svn or git and always ran into troubles often sooner than later.

After licensing Unity Pro we planned to at least use the asset server to avoid having to sort trough tons of indiviual copies and „branches“ on multiple workstations. But unfortunately, when we finally found the spare time to set it up, the asset server was somehow marked as deprecated.  But the accompanying documentation page recommended Plastic SCM or Perforce as alternate solutions.

Our decision to try out Perforce was based solely on the fact that i had heard more about Perforce than Plastic SCM. (mehr …)