Version Control with Unity 3D Projects in 2020

Sebastian Pohl - 10. März 2020

Since I last wrote that we were using Unity 3D as the go-to engine for almost all of our projects a few years have passed and a lot has changed. What did not change is the fact that we are still using Unity a lot.

The engine has evolved into a swiss army knife and we use it for a lot more than only for games.

This means we will, at any point in time, have multiple projects parallel with at least a few people working on them simultaneously. As you can imagine, manually keeping everything up to date would be a pain. And that is the point where you start using version control.

The idea is, to have a location, the repository, where the project is stored and which keeps track of every change that is made to the files. This way, people can work on the data and then tell the repository what they have changed. The software then can check if anything the user did conflicts with changes from someone else. At least, that is the most broken down explanation of what version control does. It can do a lot more, but that is beyond the scope of this article.
But in general, this does sound like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Let’s see…

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