Convert a working XP machine to a virtual machine

Sebastian Pohl - 6. August 2017

If we can believe those statistics websites on the internet Windows XP still has a market share between 5 and 10 percent. XP machines are still in use by many companies and the government. Just a year back i converted a specialised piece of software for a local company so they could get rid of the last XP computer they had on site.

But what if it is not a single piece of software that is needed but a whole machine? Often times it is simply not possible or feasible to replace it with completely new tech because of compatibility issues between the software and modern hardware. In those cases it is often worth trying to convert the computer from a physical existing one to a virtual one. (mehr …)

Portable RGB Led Torch using Arduino

Sebastian Pohl - 1. August 2017


This project has been on my mind for a few years now. Since i had seen it somewhere i always thought about building one myself but unlike the one back then i wanted it to be portable. (mehr …)